Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The Last Psychiatrist (TLP) has written some an interesting post about "Treating Insomnia With Less". I am especially interested given my difficulties sleeping much of the time, and right now, almost all of the time.

Right now I am still wired, still not sleeping and still not tired. The past two nights, on top of my meds I have taken Muscle Relaxants and Advil as, when I was struggling to get to sleep two nights ago, after hours of laying there not sleeping, I somehow pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder area by moving the wrong way.

I think in part I was so tense from being wired and not sleeping that my muscles tensed up so much I strained them. Anyways, at least last night and the night before I fell in and out of sleep here and there after about 2:00am. However, also woke up all night off and on and couldn't get back to sleep each time. make a long story short...I am taking one of the medications TLP writes about (Doxepin), but at a bit higher dose than the 6mgs he is discussing. My first impression of the Doxepin when I began it last week ius that it is at least as useless as the 100 mgs Trazadone I was taking (which was not working either). My initial thought was maybe I need more Doxepin, but if I am reading TLP's post correctly, it appears less is more for Doxepine. Interesting.

Check out The Last Psychiatrist's Blog. It is always an interesting, thought provoking, and sometimes challenging site. Highly recommended.

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Anonymous said...

I love that blog, but I missed this post for some reason. Thanks for the tip off Aqua, hope you are feeling a little better?

Lola x