Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two More Paintings Completed

As some of you know I am painting 3; 12"x12" inch paintings for each of my nieces. It is great practice for me and I feel I am learning something about painting each painting I paint.

Each of my nieces chose a topic/topics and a colour theme. Purple and Zebras was the first.
My second niece (8 years old) asked me to paint a seal, a polar bear and a puffer fish and use "aquamarine" as the colour theme...(we are peas in a pod:>)...wish I was 8 again!!

Here are the "seal" and the "polar bear" paintings I finished for her:


Dr Shock said...

Very nice, I like them, especially the polar bear. You can use your art for calling cards;).
You will have to scan them first, is that possible?
Regards Dr Shock

Polar Bear said...

Wow. They are AMAZING!!!

I love both paintings! But I particularly love the polar bear one!!!

Aqua said...

Dr. Shock...good idea. I think I will wait until I get better and do some that are topics I'd chose;>)

Polar Bear...hmmm I wonder WHY you like the Polar Bear best??? I was thinking of you when I painted it. I thought it looked so peaceful.

s said...

Love the seal's eyes!

Do you know the Seal Woman or Sealskin fable?

Tamara said...

What an incredible artist you are! The paintings are fantastic - i LOVE THEM!!! They are even more special because you are painting what your nieces requested. What a beautiful gift for them. It reminds me of when my grandmother knitted my brother, sister and me an afghan. She took us each to the yarn shop and let us pick out our colors. That was about 35 years ago and I still sleep with it covering me every single night. It makes me feel safe and like my grandmother is close.

Many hugs,

Aqua said...

S: Thanks. I like the eyes too. I don't know the tales you are refering to, but really would love to hear them. Please share. I love myths and stories.

Tamara: Thank you. I hope my paintings are are to my nieces, what your G'ma's afghan is to you. (My G'ma did the same thing and like you I still treasure the blanket she made for me)

s said...