Friday, March 27, 2009

Introducing Myself


I am taking a huge leap of faith here. I hope you don't think it's too corny. I had to hold my voice back quite a bit, because my webcam's microphone starts reverberating if I sing to loudly, or powerfully. Also, sounds much better with a piano, but I can't play, so here is me singing "Nevertheless" all by my lonesome...Hope you enjoy.


jcat said...

Hey, you're cute! And you sing really well too!

I also think it is really brave to post this, congratulations...


Aqua said...

Thanks it's your turn. I bet you are cute too.

Life said...

I am impressed by your singing, and you look so different to how I imagine, you look younger than I had ever placed you & so fresh looking I wonder if thats why you get so many people who don't appreciate your struggle, you look fab!

The song is really beautiful, as is your voice, thanks you have brightened up my evening :o)

Harriet said...

Wow, what a beautiful woman and a beautiful voice. Thank you for posting that - you're very brave and inspirational to me!

Aqua said...

Hi Harriet and Life,
Thank you so much. Music is really inspiring me these days. I went out with a friend of mine yesterday and he wants to accompany me on guitar...he wants to play the same music I love and the first three songs he mentioned liking are ones I am learning in my singing lessons...strange coincidence. Have to follow those messages. They are powerful drivers of success for me.

jcat said...

haha, evil chick! I challenge you to learn (and record for us)'my love, my life''s deceptively hard :-)

Hannah said...

very brave of you Aqua, listening to the words in that song I can see why you picked it! Very apt!

Take Care, and keep up the singing - you looked like you were really enjoying it :0)

Hann xx

Mich41 said...

Wonderful voice! I love music as well. I find that it soothes my soul. Thank you for sharing.


Aqua said...

Hi Hannah and Mich,
Thanks. I love music so much. I realize that over the years I walked away from music because my husband never liked anything I liked and was dismissive of what I liked. Over the past couple years I have been interested in it again and I really think it is contributing to my healing.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Great voice!! Very sultry. Keep singing!!! I'd love to play a blues guitar for you while you sing but I have to learn blues guitar first!! LOL.

I sing a lot but not very well. Mostly in the car. I have many talents but that isn't one of them.

Ethereal Highway said...

Oh, Aqua! How wonderful! I am so glad to have seen this. You are so totally cute and I love your singing. I've been worried because you haven't posted and I started going through your archives hoping to know you better because I feel something here. Yes, I suffer, too. I hope you are okay. Even if you're not, I still like you.