Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who AM I?

Today has been a strange day. I have felt my mood going all over the map, from feeling joyously happy, to grieving the loss of, and missing, my Mom (I felt her near me, and had reminders announcing themselves to me, all day began to feel eerie and I was having a premonition).

I was very anxious most of the day; so anxious I could not breathe properly most of the time. Even when I felt joyous, I was also feeling really, really agitated, or intensely filled with energy.

I felt paranoid I am being spied on numerous times today. I feel lonely; alone, uncared for. Some moments during the day I felt relief I have been feeling better. Some moments I felt the fear that tells me I am slipping into my old ways.

When I say I feel agitated/energetic it is hard to tell which it is. I feel compelled to move, to tap my fingers, to tap my fit, to move my toes, to squirm and fidget. There is some force inside me pushing me to constantly have some part of my body tapping out rhythms at a quick pace. Drumming, tapping, tapping, drumming, squirming, swaying, knees moving up and down...annoying, but I can't seem to stop. I feel wired in the mornings and early afternoon and tired in the late afternoon.

All day I was "obsessively" singing. I say obsessively because I couldn't stop. I kept having a song go through my head, and felt compelled to sing it, over and over and over and over and infinitum. "Willow weep for me, willow weep for me, bend your branches green into the stream and cover me, listen to my plea, listen O willow and weep for me." I kept singing those lines over and over all day. No matter that I wanted to stop, it was like I was stuck on repeat. This seems similar to when music was stuck in my head before when I first began Prozac.

Then I have a strange noises in my ear/s. It's hard to describe. sort of a crinkly, tinny, sharp sound that happens beats or clicks loudly for a few seconds then disappears. It is happening in my left ear, but I think I heard a similar sound in my other ear yesterday...but maybe I am mistaken and it was the same ear. Its really high pitched. Almost like a crickety sound. It scares me when it happens, because it seems like it might stay, or not go away.

Speaking of going away...I feel lonely, not because I am literally alone as my husband is away for the week. I feel lonely and alone because he's been gone since Saturday and he hasn't called me. I am not really one to talk too much on the phone, or even to expect my husband to call me, but for some reason his not calling makes me feel unimportant. When I go away for a week I usually call for a few minutes every few days, just to tell him I love him and am thinking of him. I think there is something about not having that kindness returned that is urksome. Is it too controlling of me to want a call from him when it's only a week?

Sad thing is I am actually glad he is away. The break is good for me. So not sure why I care if he calls. It is amazing how self sufficient I am when I'm by myself. Without him telling me I'm a loser all the time, without him pointing out all the mistakes I make and all the things I don't do well, without him trying to control my every move consciously, or unconsciously, without him trying to force me to do the things he wants done, I begin to feel I actually CAN do things, and AM good at things.

So...happy to sad, to grieving, to anxious and so agitated I can't stop moving, to angry and frustrated and okay again. My mood is as labile and unpredictable as the weather in the city where I live. Who am I? What do I feel?


Life said...

Thanks for the welcoming comment on your last blog, i admire the fact you write with such honesty. I have tried to change my profile, thanks for the pointer!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have tinnitus. Which is having high pitched sounds in the ear.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

No it's not too controlling to expect a phone call. I think it's a sign of caring. I call Lori whenever I'm not in town, which isn't very often but I want her to know that I am thinking of her.

It's o.k. to want a connection with others and o.k. to feel irked when you don't get that--especially from your husband. Know that I think of you often and hope that you are feeling well. I consider you a friend and I like to let my friends know that I'm there for them.

Brother B. said...

I was looking through the internet and found your blog by chance. But If you trust in God nothing is by chance. Everything happens for a reason. I know all people have their problems and I myself experence on occasions those feelings thoughts and even the odd sounds in the ear. You may have experenced tinnitus. Yet the things that cross in and through the mind must be looked at in the physical or spiritual plains. So many times a physical condition can be a cause and affect. But and if you know Jesus Christ as your personal saviour. I myself have to look at the spiritual. Once we deal with the spiritual the physical becomes a process and not a mental issue. Many a time we obsess about a thought and it becomes uncontrollable. Any one can place any thought on the conscious level and if we allow that thought to control our thinking what ever it may be will grow. prayer is an essential key to controlling the onset of thoughtless things in the mind. Staying focused on the important things will ultimately cancel out the negative things that disrupt our lives.....