Friday, February 20, 2009

My Vicarious Therapy Word Cloud

(Note: Click on Word Cloud and it will be bigger and easier to read)
On my post about Free Association reader and fellow blogger, Life recommended a site called "Wordle". It is so cool.

On the site you can either cut and paste a copy of any text you want, or your blog's URL and Wordle creates a "word cloud" of whatever text you request it "read" and pull words from.

A word cloud is when all the keywords, for example, on your blog, or parts of a text, are turned into a collage of the words most frequently in the posts, or section of writings. The more a word appears in the blog, or the section of text, the bigger the word will be in the collage.

Above is my blog's word cloud. I was dumbfounded by my biggest word, "Love", given how much I have been whining about never having known love. Kind of bizarre that it is the biggest word, so must be the word I write about a lot. Guess it's all those "100 Positive Things About my Life", and things, and "50 things I love"!

I might try a free association with some of the bigger words...might dig up something interesting.

Life, Thanks for the idea!

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