Saturday, February 07, 2009

Short Fuse

It is possible that I was angry and not recognizing it. My husband brought it up again last night, saying I was really short, defensive, and a little to quick to snap angrily at him for certain things. This morning I feel the way he was saying I am...except worse.
While much of my mood is still bubbly, I am also feeling explosive. I have this gnawing feeling in my stomach that I might mistake for extreme hunger, if I hadn't encounter the mood state before. I'm not sure if others know what I mean. It's like when you are famished and inside you feel cranky and short, and about to begin raging on someone if you don't get some!
However, I'm not hungry. I ate breakfast and afterwards still felt the feeling. Plus my shoulders feel tight, there is a sense of anxiety...not being able to breathe properly, and an irritability and anger that is simmering and steaming into a rage.
I have tons of energy, my mood feels both hyper and angry. This is a very uncomfortable feeling. The worst part is I cannot understand why I feel this way, because I don't think I am mad at anything, or anyone.


Lisa Marie said...

Feelings are great when you can recognize why you are feeling them. Not so great when you can't.

Lola Snow said...

Sounds like the delightful year I spent on lofepramine! Sorry to hear you are so revved Aqua, I know that feeling far too well and it was incredibly distressing

Lola x

Hannah said...

wow, what a surge of energy! sounds like you need to find a healthy outlet for it and quick before you blow! vigorous exercise? hammer the keys on the piano, sing your heart out!
Hope you find somewhere to channel it,

Hann xxx

Polar Bear said...

Sometimes I think it's good to get all that anger out. But it can certainly be disconcerting when you don't often feel this way.

Don't worry too much about the reasons why you are so angry. Just ride it out, and see what comes up when you calm down some.