Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Zebra Paintings

I finished the "zebra" paintings for my niece. Each is 12" X 12" on a deep canvas (1.5" thick, which gives the paintings more dimentionality as I have painting all the sides to make it look 3D).

You may/may not remember, but the theme is Zebra stripes and purple. My sister did not want pictures of zebras, rather parts/sections of zebras or paintings that used the stripes...and purple had to be somehow integrated int each picture.

I will post:
1) Top Left...the original photo that inspired the painting
2) Top right the way I cropped the photo and chose a portion of it to paint
3) Beneath these in the centre...My Acrylic painting rendition of the cropped photo...with a bit of purple added for niece loving measure.
A) "Zebra Mountains" (I changed it a bit from the first one I posted)
B) "Zebra Lily": (I did one version that had a yellow centre, hated it a repanted it to have a water centre, which still reminded me of flower stamins)

C) "Zebra Face" (This is my favourite...the eye is shaded with different tones of purple)

I feel pretty pleased with myself and what I was able to do...especially the face. I could have done more shading on the face, but I liked the purity of the white and black. In fact the white is a mixture of yellow and white, which looked really yellow until it was placed next to the black. I love how that works.


Michelle said...

I absolutely LOVE these - I have to admit the last one with the eye is my favorite too - I think the bit of color in the eye against the black and white of the stripes is simply brilliant. You really should think of selling these on Etsy or just to any (blogreading)schmoe like myself.

Tamara said...

What fun. I LOVE them! I am also very impressed.

Polar Bear said...

Wow. Brilliant!!

kara said...


Annie said...

Your art work is absolutely wonderful. I am so glad you shared it and hope to see more soon. Thanks for being creative, the world is a better place to have art. Peace Annie

Aqua said...

Thank you!! Your comments made me feel like painting more. You are all so supportive. I really value that.

John Timothy said...

Hi Aqua--

I love the zebra face drawing and with your permission I'd like to use it (with a little tweaking) for a logo for a campout my men's group is sponsoring.

We may decide to give some chachkes to the campers... maybe a custom-imprinted coffee cup. Not going to use it for any commercial purpose.

What do you think? If I can make this happen I'll send you a coffee cup!

John Timothy said...
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John Timothy said...

We are going ahead with the zebra coffee cups and I think they will look pretty cool.. I hope that's OK with you. I will send you one of the cups when they arrive.

I have to admit, I'm not sure how blogs work exactly. Like, do you (Aqua) get notified when there's a new post on this blog?

Anyway, I couldn't find your email address on this site, so here's mine:   john_timo@yahoo.com . Email me with your snailmail address and you will get a present in about 3 weeks.

I hope you read this. Take care.