Monday, August 04, 2008

My Paintings and Other Art

The image I based my 1st abstract on. It is a picture I took of a bunch of flower clippings in a bucket while I was deadheading flowers in the garden. I love the colours together.

The abstract based on the picture. The photo of the painting didn't turn out well because I should have taken a picture before adding a shiny gel the sheen distracts from the photo...but hey.

In my last post Dr. Shock mentioned he was curious about my other work. In fact, I just started learning to draw 4 or 5 years ago. I could only draw stick people before then. I have taken 3 continuing education drawing classes at the local Art University (Emily Carr School of Art and Design). So I do not have a lot of other work.
However, if I get the time I will search around and post some of my drawings. Oh...I just realized I have some linocut prints that I have done also, so I will add those too. And a piece of pottery I really like...(hey Dr. are making me realize I have done more art than I remembered)...Thanks.

I only began painting this March 2008 (this year). I took an acrylics course at the art clubhouse I belong to but, it was more for fun/socialization. Mostly I am learning the theories of painting, brushstrokes, colour mixing, etc on my own by looking at other's work both at the studio, and in Art magazines/books, or online.
My knowledge of drawing techniques is helping me. The last painting I posted was the last painting that is complete (actually I just realized I did my first abstract painting a couple months ago and didn't post it). I will do that right now.

I am currently working on five others right now, an abstract (24 x 24) based on the picture that inspired the one I am about to post (which is approx. 12 x 15) , a gigantic nasturtium that is an ode to my Mom, and is turning out to be so beautiful and three "conceptual" paintings (each 12 x 12) based on micro focusing on an object and patterning for my niece's newly decorated (purple) bedroom. I hope to have this series done this week. I will post them when done. (I am doing them in the colours she wants, but I want to do a similar series in more realistic colours and do them on larger (24 X 24) canvases...because I am liking the idea and how they are turning out.


kara said...

I like your art...and look forward to viewing more.

Take Care...Kara

Dr Shock said...

Nice, looking forward to the next exhibition thanks Dr Shock

Tamara said...

Very impressive. I am quite jealous because I would love to paint abstracts. I love looking at them it just that I can't seem to be that free. I have to paint controlled landscapes. Please keep sharing your work!

Polar Bear said...

I think your paintings are beautiful. I would have thought you'd been painting all your life!

I can't wait to see more.

Aqua said...

Aww schucks...thanks. You all know how to make a girl feel good.