Sunday, June 29, 2008

Recurring Nightmare

My latest painting. I have no title yet. It represents a nightmare I have over and over again, where I am being chased through the woods and some kind of post apocolyptic landscape full of broken down buildings and homes, tons of rubble and cement everywhere.

I run, and I run all the while screaming help me, help me! My husband and Dad stand off at the side and watch. No one tries to help me.

Finally, in desperation I climb up onto a big peice of cement to try to save myself, but I fall. The wolf is snarling and on top of me. He is foaming at the mouth and he is about to bite my head or neck and I always wake up at this point absolutely terrified.

When I wake I can't tell if it was a dream, or real. Usually I have to go to the bathroom upon waking, but I am too scared to get out of bed. It usually takes me a couple minutes or more before I calm down, realize it is a dream and am able to climb out of bed.


The Silent Voices in my Mind said...

Terrifying dream.... FABULOUS painting!

There are all sorts of interesting elements to your dream. Have you tried to pull it apart and see what it means to you? Sometimes understanding them can lead to their calming down or at least to make the hang-over fear dissipate more quickly.

PS and totally off-topic: the word verification is "ptthsm" which struck me as a category of sound that my almost teenage son makes to express displeasure... as in, "PTTHH! what...ever...!"

Aqua said...

Ha, Ha...sometimes I think those word verifications are like Rorschach tests intended only for me...too often they seem to be connected to me in some way (either that or the world revolves around me...not!!!) that or I search for meaning in EVERYTHING which is much more likely.

Thanks for the compliment about my painting...I have been working on it forever, and just could not get it the way I want it. I'm still not sure if it's complete, but for now it is.

I do look at my dreams and take them apart. Usually I share the important ones with my pdoc. He loves my dreams and says he has never met someone with such meaning filled dreams. Ilike that.

My pdoc and I talked about this one a long time ago and I was trying to find out what we discovered by looking through my journals. When I find it I will post about it.

On another note, I would love to keep in contact via e-mail, as you suggested in an earlier post, if you like. I think we all need to be surrounded by people who get us. If you like, send me your e-mail and I will contact you. I will delete the e-mail address from my blog after I get it.
Take care,

The Silent Voices in my Mind said...
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Aqua said...

Hi SV,
Thanks, I got your e-mail address. I will e-mail you to give you mine.

Polar Bear said...

I love your painting. I'm so glad you were able to paint something that frightened you so much. I think it's a good outlet, and your talent certainly comes through.

How long does it take you to do a painting like that?