Saturday, June 07, 2008

Deepblue is my 5000th visitor

Deepblue asked "How do I know if I'm the 5000th visitor?

You are, by the way. (is that your question? or do you want to ask another question, or suggest a topic for me to write about?...I'm open to another question...

Deepblue I know you are my 5000th visitor because you left a post on my blog at 10:53 and my 5000th visitor viewed my blog at that time (the "sitemeter" icon on the sidebar of my blog is free and it gives me simple statistics about how people find my blog (i.e. what they used in google that made my blog show up, times of visits, #'s of visits to my site per day etc.) It is really great because I can see what interests people and think about that when I write. I think you can click on the icon and it will give you a summary of what it tracks.

It says it tracks location, but it must track the city and then maybe your internet provider's address, because I looked up myself and it is nowhere near where I live. When I first saw "sitemeter" on someone's site I was worried about what kind of information it had about me...but having downloaded it to my site and viewing my own information that it tracks I feel pretty confident that my privacy is still protected.

I want everyone to know that I respect your privacy and only use the sitemeter to make my blog more interesting.

P.S. my visits are not tracked as part of the volume of visitors. You can set it to either include you, or not. Idid not include myself as it would skew the #'s.


deepblue said...

wow - now I feel under pressure to come up with a good question! :)
I guess the question I'd have to ask is: what has been the most helpful thing you have done to help manage your depression? or, how do you get through your toughest days? I guess you can answer either of those.
I love reading your blog.

Aqua said...

Hi Deepblue,
Thank you, and those are great questions. I think I have some valuable answers, but I am going to think about them and will answer them tomorrow.
Take care,