Monday, June 23, 2008

Meme from HBW (James)

A meme I got from James at Letters from the Sanitarium blog: (I kind of like some memes):

What kind of monster would you be? The funny. friendly kind, that hides under the bed and strikes up conversations with the kids, helps them with their homework, plays goofy games with them, helps them get through the difficulties of childhood, answers all the kids tough questions and then disappears as soon as an adult comes into the room

Do you have a crush on a celebrity of the same sex and if so who? Cate Blanchett...she is really hot mostly because of her intelligence and talent (she's also beautiful in a different sort of way).

What do you collect--if anything? Vases and bras...I live on a flower farm and I love bras; a girl can never have too many vases or too many bras. (maybe the bra thing is a fetish)

Do you have a favorite artist? (Painter. You can name more than one): Egon Schiele, Tom Thompson, Emily Carr, Van Gogh, Diego Valazquez and Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Do you have a habit and if so what? I hate to say it, but like James I swear like a sailor sometimes (but I can be the perfect lady when I want/need to be), I say "like" far too annoys me so much, but I cannot kick the habit.

Overall, do you prefer the city or being near nature and the outdoors? I like being in the country near the city (how's that for a flip flop answer?) I like the serenity and solitude in the country, but I love the accessibility to culture in the galleries, plays, the symphony etc. I hate all the crowds and traffic though)

If you couldn't live in your current country then what country would be choose to live in? Denmark (I heard on the news the other day it is the happiest country in the world, they have a great social safety net, university is paid for by the country, people are encouraged to do what they love for work, and many people change jobs many times until they find the right one and the state helps people find the job they like, six weeks holidays minimum a year, and people do not struggle to make ends meet because they always have help if they need it)

Would you like to be famous? No...I get too stressed out all the time already. I could not manage the pressure, or the lifestyle.

Are you punctual or always late? Mostly I am early...I am obsessed with time and believe people who are always late think there time is more important than mine. (of course I am late once in a while, and then I get super stressed out about being late)

Where do you find the most peace? In the chair across from my pdoc in his office, in any swimming pool when it is quiet. I feel most at home in the water.

What three foreign languages would you like to learn most (you can choose one or two if you prefer)? French, Spanish, Latin

Would you travel into space if you had the chance? Absolutely!

Speaking of all these questions, what is the question that you hate the most? Why aren't you better yet?


Handsome B. Wonderful said...

I like your artist answers and your country or city ones the best but I enjoyed them all. I like memes too...sometimes as you say. It's a great way to get to know things about other people.

Michelle S. said...

This is a great meme and I love that you are always too!

Aqua said...

Always early, always looking for a good artist and with my bra on!

Polar Bear said...

Like you, I'm obsessed with time too. I'm almost always early or right on time. Being late stresses me out too.

Sometimes I try to be late, but I usually just end up being on time. Frustrating sometimes! Because I know that some people are ALWAYS late and will keep me waiting.

Annie said...

Aqua, Very charming post and I learned a lot about you! Annie