Sunday, July 13, 2008

The I Need a Little More Levity Meme

I have been having a rough I am going to try to make myself laugh and/or think happy or silly thoughts and remember strange or bizarre times that made me go "huh? I'm making up my own Meme (Where does that word come from anyways??? I always thought it was an anthropological term for symbols used in cultures...Note to self: must look up).

Please...If you decide to do the meme let me know so I can peek on your blog.
hopefully I wll find out more about a few of my fellow/fella bloggers AND make them laugh along the way...Here I go:

My Levity Meme:

1) What is the strangest thing someone has ever said to you?
I walked out of a really sad pdoc appointment into the sunshine. A man approached me and with the sun behind him I could not see his features, but he looked like those iconic paintings of jesus, with the glow of light around his head. He looked directly at me and said: "God says everything will be allright" and then he disappeared. I started to cry, it felt intensely spiritual.

2) If your friends had to describe you what would they say?
I have a kind heart, but it is easily broken. I laugh easily, but cry easily too. I want so much to love, but am afraid to trust. I care so deeply, yet feel so alone. I am loyal.

3) Name 5 of the stupidest things you have ever done. (This should be easy for me)

1) Run across the ice at a charity Curling event. While doing so clipped the foot holds, managed to catch my balance, but was going so fast I hurdled towards the lane dividers, tripped and broke both my elbows on the ice
2) At University was invited to become an honours student in Sociology and declined. I was more interested in Philosophy. To this day I wonder if I had chosen Sociology would I have gone on to become an academic, something I always wanted?
3) Try on a pair of leather pants in high school. I was really skinny, but not skinny enough, and when I bent down to pick up my shirt my kneecap had nowhere to go but sideways. I tore all the ligaments in my was agonizing and embarrassing as when I was trying to get an ambulance the store clerk kept yelling that I was not leaving with those pants on (WTF?) I couldn't get my knee back in its socket.
4) When I was a naive 18 I got in a car with a stranger who offered me a ride home from the pub. He was an older man, and seemed trustworthy. He dropped my friend off and then proceeded out of town to the top of the mountain where I lived. In the middle of nowhere he pulled the car over and asked me what I would do if he raped me. I was terrified, but scared the crap out of him when I told him in gruesome details exactly how, if he hurt me, I would ensure he never was able to do that to anyone again.
5) Smoked a joint in high school at noon hour (well maybe more than one), started literally hallucinating in my french class. Went out into the hall and the walls were coming down on me. I slipped and broke my leg really badly when I was freaking out in the bathroom. Note to self: Pot is not good for me...I'm not saying its not okay for others, but I seem to have the opposite reaction than everyone I know)

4) What was the first thing you heard this morning?
This is funny: "Want a lollipop?" (My husband as he rolled over and asked for a ...(well you know). (blush;>)

5) When you were a kid, what was your "ideal" day? Get on my bike early in the morning, take off with my friends for a hike into the forest for a picnic and then go to the swimming pool from 1-4 and swim in the sunshine all day, go home for dinner and then head back to the pool for swim team practice.

6) What was the best concert you ever saw?
"Butthole Surfers", with "Jane's Addiction" as the opening act. I'd never even heard of Jane's Addiction. They were so amazing. The more fun I had, the more I began to drink. The alcohol fueled the wild woman in me (what some pdoc's have told me is manic). I became wild and started making out with the stranger behind me, everything seemed so surreal and perfect. Then I got a beer bottle broken over my head by some rowdy out of control drunk (hey at least I'm into love when I'm drunk)...and I never even noticed I was having such a good time.

7) If you could have decided to be anyone in the world (living or deceased), who would you have choosen to be?
This is hard. I was thinking Ghandi, or the Dali Lama, but more than anything I would want to consistently be ME...but the well me. The me who believes she can do anything. The me who is afraid of nothing, who in fact loves to take risks. The me who loves a challenge and gets excited by new things. The me who loves people and feels loved and cared for by others.

8) Sex? or Chocolate?
How about sex with choclate on top?

9) What is the strangest/most bizarre thing you have ever seen? When I was a kid I had a really wild imagination. I was reading "Amityville Horror" and had just got to the part where the house shuts of all the sounds of all these murders taking place in the house; makes it so no one outside can hear the screams coming from the house.

I went to bed and put the book outside the backdoor (in my mind all horror books had to leave the house at night...don't OCD thing). I closed my eyes to go to sleep and when I opened them I saw Satan on my ceiling: clear as day.

I began to scream and scream to my mom and dad for help (they were in the bedroom above mine), but as loud as I was screaming, no one came to help me for what seemed like forever. I thought my room had shut my screams out like the house in the book I was reading. Suddenly my Dad appeared and was screaming: "What the hell is going on in here?" Satan disappeared and I've never seen him since.

I was obsessed with God/Satan, Heaven/Hell as a kid and wouldn't sleep most nights because I worried so much about what I had done wrong. My family wasn't very religious, so I am not sure why I was so crazy insane about it...anyways I probably imagined the whole thing, but to his day I vividly remember SEEING Satan...not just imagining him.

10) If you were the first to meet a friendly alien what would you tell them about our planet and its inhabitants?
Run for your lives! You don't have a hope in hell of surviving here. We are all about to destroy ourselves. Maybe come back when we are gone.


Dr. Shock said...

Want to read about one of my many stupid things I did:

Aqua said...

Dr. Shock:
Your example was far from stupid. Perhaps it was the beginnings of what makes you question and evaluate evidence scientifically today. I'd suggest the basis of a good Dr! Good story though. Thanks or sharing.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Number 10: That's exactly what I'd say too!! Don't bother, humans are a failed experiment.

Aqua said... the Meme...please! I love your writing.

jcat said...

How weird is this! Last night my rehab-buddy F stopped by to give me a pigeon, stayed for supper, and then when we talking sh*t afterwards, started telling me about memes and where the concept came from. She wouldn't know what a blog is if it bit her, and generally hasn't got much past Google on the net, so had no idea of what the term generally is used for now!

So...look up Richard Dawkins, who wrote a book in the early '70s called 'The Selfish Gene'. He came up with the term meme to describe social concepts that replicate themselves in the same sort of way that genes do.

Will definitely have to do yours!

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

I'll do it for you. :)