Friday, May 16, 2008

Selling My Art Work are not going to believe this (and I don't have time to tell the whole story)...I have had an incredibly fascinating 2 days. Yesterday I attended a Mental Health Conference and then today I along with other Studio members and staff, I met with the 3 key speakers from the conference.

One of the speakers, an American psychiatrist (who spoke about how the brain physically changes when introduced to trauma and how to untrain the brain when trauma is reintroduced) (soooo interesting), wanted to buy one of my paintings...the "Unravelled" painting. I didn't sell it, because I can't part with it yet, but she gave me her card in case I change my mind...I feel really honoured that she wants to buy it. This makes me feel like I am headed in the right direction and towards the right destination.

I have a guest this weekend, but will tell you more about the conference in a few days. It was so interesting and I had so many epiphanies during it that I would like to share.

Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend for all you People of the Commonwealth Nations,


Coco said...

Wow, that does sound interesting... the brain changes in relation to trauma thing. And congratulations on the interest in your Art! That's very cool.

Polar Bear said...

Wow, that is amazing - about the painting. See - I told you you are very talented.

About the brain changes, yes, I've read about this before. I also think it is very interesting. I'm convinced that my brain has been irreversibly damaged by the trauma and stress I experienced as a child.

I don't know about how to "untrain" the brain. Would be interesting to hear you write about it.

jcat said...

Awesome! I would buy some of your pics too if I could.....