Saturday, March 22, 2008

High and Full of Creativity

This is only the second painting that I have ever completed. I'm just learning to paint, but I think it turned out pretty well and I feel good about my attempt. For me to even say that I must be feeling better.

Dr. X adjusted my medication yesterday and today I have been feeling so incredible. He increased my Dexedrine to 10mg spansules (time release capsules) twice a day, once at 8am and once at noon. It did wonders for me today.

Before I was taking a 10mg Dexedrine spansule in a.m. and then a 5mg regular release Dexedrine at noon. I was crashing big time at 3pm. I had to sleep for 2-3 hours and had no energy or motivation to make dinner, eat dinner, clean-up. It was awful.

Today I didn't crash like I have been doing. In fact, I painted all day and only noticed it was 7:30pm when I was finished my painting. I even forgot to eat. That is a sure sign I feel better. Whenever my mood goes up I get creative and I stop eating.

This painting is a rendition of a picture I found months ago in the newspaper when the Myanmar riots were going on. I changed the original picture, but used its idea as a reference. I loved the idea of the peaceful resistance vs. the armed guards, the dark vs. the light, the good vs. the evil (and/or the difficulties in deciding what is right/wrong). I am sure the soldiers believe what they are doing is right, as do the Buddhists.

I also thought the picture reminded me of the yin and yang of life. I was also struck by the dichotomous nature of the physical government authorities and authorities of the soul being combined in one picture.


Dr. Shock said...
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Dr. Shock said...

Do you have more paintings?
Regards Dr Shock

jcat said...

Wow!! You are really, really talented

Aqua said...

I am really up. I have completed two paintings this week and am in the middle of two others. Given these will be only the 5 paintings I've ever done, I'd say my old self, my creative, busy, rocketing, self is back. I love this. I will post the one I did yesterday. (Easter)

James said...

Excellent!! I love the shading in the robes of the monks and I can see why your mentioned the yin and yang elements. It works beautifully.

You really captured the energy of those tense but hopeful days.