Friday, October 26, 2007

Canadian Insurance Companies Bullying Depressed People

I found the memo below on the internet after I posted my post about my insurance company requesting detailed notes from my pdoc. It is a memo from the Canadian Medical Association's general council meeting in Winnipeg.

I am really mad about this now and I may contact a mental health advocate to challenge my insurance company's request. It seems Canadian Insurance companies are bullying people who may not have either the energy or the resolve or the financial resources to challenge them. Now I'm mad...look out!!!

Here's the memo I found:

"Insurance company demands concern MDs"


jcat said...

Good luck with the shopping tomorrow - hope you find what you want quickly!

Yes, think the great bicontinental gym push is an excellent idea. Have just been checking timezones, and looks like you are about 9 hours behind me. I figure that going there for me is optimal mid-morning, when I have woken up slowly, and there won't be too many other people around. And I see pdoc on a Thurs. You see yours on a Tues, don't you?

So how about we aim for three days a week as a start? Not at the same time I guess! But same day - heck, any days - would be good!

jcat said... what do your sweatpants look like??

Mon/weds/sun sounds good. Don't know if I can quite make 09h00 though - can't work out what happened to the get-up-at-05h00-and-be-at-work-by-06h30 version, but most days I'm out of bed at 07h30, birds fed by 08h15, out of bath by 09h45 - so will aim at 10h00 after the second cup of coffee.

I know this is something we both have enjoyed in the past. Maybe we can get to enjoy it again. Thank you for the motivation.

Aqua said...

My sweats were cheap, and are baggy and light blue (gag!)...I look awful in them...but I'm hoping if I work out I will eventulally look good enough to have an excuse to go spend big money and get some body hugging lululemon yoga pants...I'll start by getting to the gym on Wed.