Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh The Swings in These Things... about face took place yesterday. I woke up feeling revitalized, alive, joyous, on, high, exhalted, creative, beautiful, sexy, talented...all those things I feel so rarely. I feel, and have felt the same high all day today...and wow have I got tons, driving all over the city doing all kinds of chores, helping others, 3 huge and long and beautiful walks in the pouring rain with my dog, and I painted all was so great.
Here are two paintings I finished last night (one was part done, the other I had barely started before last night)...I painted for 6-7 hours straight..dancing singing, painting...loving my life in these moments...ahhhh!!!

Each of them are 24" X 24", acrylic on canvas...and the canvases have a 1.5" profile...They look better in real life, but I will share anyways. I felt so good this past two days that (dare I say this???)...I actually felt that with more practice and experience I could be good at this!!
Wow...I feel great!! I have decided that maybe I will continue ECT, because I have not had as many good days in the last 9 years as I have had in the last 3 months...sure I'm still depressed, but at least I am periodically getting some really good relief.


merope3 said...

Wow Aqua...your painting is beautiful!! Do you sell them or just paint them for yourself?

Grace said...

Your paintings are amazing! I am glad you had a good day. We have to hang on to those 'good moments' when things get bad.
Take care of you!
~ Grace

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Aqua. I'm glad you're feeling so great and have got so much done. You're a very talented painter!

I think however it has little to do with the ECT as it comes across more as a burst of mania rather than a sustainable mood change.

Personally I believe that people should grab every chance they can of feeling better even if it is mania (except in people who find themselves dangerously out of control of course).

So I hope the painting, dancing, singing, and general loved up feeling continues as long as possible!

Bearfriend xx

Coco said...

Really glad you're feeling so great Aqua. It's these spells that keep us going.

Chris said...

What beautiful paintings! I don't have a creative/artistic/crafty bone in my body.
I am so happy that you feel good. Whatever the reason... enjoy it, savor it. And by all means, share it!

thanks again for sharing!

sara said...

Those are so amazing! I'm jealous.

Aqua said...

Thanks for the encouragement...and I still feel really high today...yay!!

sanityisknocking said...

Can I just say how much I love your painting? Have you been trained in painting? I've just started experimenting with acrylics myself and was curious.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Beautiful painting Aqua. I love the movement going on in it. Oh how I wish I had the same motivation to paint. I haven't painted in way too long. I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better.