Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boxer Cardiomyopathy...again?

(P.S. Originally wrote this on the 13th, but had some tests come back yesterday and he seems okay, although these tests couldn't test for the arrhythmia that is boxer cardiomyopathy he otherwise seems really healthy...has some problem with his white blood cell count, but vet said that was a normal indicator in dogs who are prone to allergies (Skookum is highly allergic to bees). Poor little guy was neutered this a.m. and I was worried about anaesthetic and also they had to go in a find his second testicle....yes he was a one testicle sign of the 2nd one...but the vet said it took them a while and they found it and removed it too.) I am still worried about him having cardiomyopathy, because nothing explains his "spell...but all I can do is hope he will be okay and live a healthy, happy and long life)

Dec. 13/08: God I am so stressed out. Today I took my puppy to an off leash dog park. We walked on leash for about 20 minutes and then went to the off leash area. There looked to be lots of dogs playing together so I decided to give my baby some freedom and let him play. (It was tough to make that decision).

He raced around with the other dogs for about two or three minutes. He was having a blast. Then suddenly he just stopped and stood still and was almost in a daze. I called his name a couple times as I walked towards him and other dogs ran past him and he didn't move.

He looked exactly like my old boxer Bert looked right before he collapsed from a boxer cardiomyopathy attack( a heart arrhythmia that instantaneously kills approx 50% of boxers who have an attack). I kneeled down beside him and began rubbing him, petting him and talking to him. He suddenly came out of the daze and seemed normal again.

Directly prior to us going to the park, (on the drive there) I noticed he was shivering/shaking every once in a while (like when a person is in shock). He did this a couple weeks ago when he was sick. I am so worried for him I feel sick. The vet is closed until Monday, but I am going to take him then.

The problem is, if it is cardiomyopathy there is no way for the regular vet to tell. It usually doesn't show up when they listen to the heart. We will need a specialist appointment and have him go have a heart test (ecg?) and if nothing shows there have him where a holter monitor for 24 hrs (a hear monitor that monitors his heart activity for 24 hrs).

I went on line to see if it might be something else. He didn't eat very much in the morning and I was wondering if he could have had low blood sugar from no food and his sudden burst of energy. Diabetes is also common in dogs. (Vet said it could have been from his not eating very much and all that exercise). I switched to a new food that he likes WAY better, so hope that's it.


Harriet said...

Aw poor little guy. I hope he's ok. It's scary when our pets get sick, and they can't even tell us what's wrong.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Ohhhhhh I wish I could hug you both!!! Give him a soft pat and nice scratch for me.

Anonymous said...

we have 2 boxers, and the young girl (I can't bring myself to call her a b_itch!) was diagnosed at time of neutering with a very unusual form of arythmia, After many specialist appointments and worldwide discussion with the vet/doctor's peers, she ended up on 2 human heart medications (she had multiple ECG;s, halter monitor etc).

She is a mad ball chaser and runs all the time - always has. They said we could expect another year from her even with close attention and medication (she was 1 year old).

She is now 7 years old and nearly 8 and runs like the wind all the time, while still on meds morning and night. You would never know she was sick, although she did once pass out for a few seconds and sprung straight back up !

Rest assured with the right vet attention, you will identify whatever your pup has. Think positive, and be there for your baby. We have had nearly 8 fantastic years with ours despite the suggested death sentence. So keep up hope and do look after your best friend and yourself.

Good luck !