Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Can't Sleep

Argh...I have so much energy running through my brain that I cannot fact worse...I am WIDE WIDE awake. I went to bed at 11pm and I thought I was really exhausted. I seemed to fall sleep for a while, but then started getting restless for about 45 minutes, so got up for a while. When I looked at the clock to see what time it was when I got out of bed it was only 12:10 which means I slept a grand total of 25 minutes.

I look exhausted, with huge bags under my eyes, but I feel wired for sound; not even a tiny bit tired. I'm going to try to sleep again now...drank some warm milk and am comfy, cozy. I really hope the ECT isn't triggering this insomnia...I don't do well with less than 8hrs sleep/night.


Rach said...

Have you contacted either Dr. X or which ever MD is following you? This is probably something they should know about.

Check your email - something longer there.

Ethereal Highway said...

I hate it when I have times like that and get the bags under my eyes. It makes me feel bad every time I pass by the mirror because seeing them reminds me of how things are in a way that makes me feel even worse. I found a cheap and effective solution for the bags. Believe it or not - it's Preparation H (the hemmorrhoid cream). I know that officially makes me an ass-face, but I still feel a little less awful if I don't have the darn bags. I hope you are doing okay, Aqua. Hang in there. You're sure worth the effort.

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