Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Music in my Head

I increased my Prozac last week to try to lift my mood. By taking 10mg Valium and 0.2 mg Clonidine a day I had managed to get the teeth tapping/grinding to slow down and the obssessive, relentless music inside my head had almost disappeared.

It is back with a vengeance. Since Thursday morning I have had the same 5 or 6 bars from the third movement from Sibelius' violin concerto in D minor, Op. 47 stuck in my head playing over and over and over and over and over and infinitum. While I love the music, it is wearing on me.

So I'm posting all 3 movements hoping to pass the music onto someone else. (a sort of magical cleansing from my head to yours). The part that is stuck in my head can be heard at approximately 1:28, and 4:40 in the third movement. The version I have on my ipod is a Deutsche Grammophon recording, Gil Shaman, Violin, with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Giuseppe Sinopoli conducting. It is so so powerful and there is something haunting about the piece.

I found a copy of all three movements on Youtube:

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D minor, op. 47:

Second Movement - Adagio di molto


jcat said...

OK, I'll take your Sibelius if you let me send you the Arcade Fire track that I have been playing non-stop since yesterday morning. Although I'm playing it on the PC, which is a whole lot better than playing it in your head....
Awesome band. Have my vote for Canada's best!

Aqua said...

Pleeeease take it...I'm going crazy! Send yours to me. I'd like to hear it. Although if IT gets stuck in my head I will have to blame you;.)

James said...

I wake up every morning with some song in my head and spend most of the day with it blaring in my head.

Through in some cartoon sounds, voices and my head is a virtual radio station.