Wednesday, November 07, 2007

5 Reasons I Look Forward To Therapy

1) My pdoc really "gets" me. I always (99.9% of the time) feel listened to, cared for and understood.

2) If I I feel misunderstood or not heard by Dr. X. I feel he has proven himself to be so trustworthy that I feel 100% safe addressing my concerns. My best learning has taken place when there has been a misunderstanding that I am able to address. I believe that the best therapy happens, not through the words we speak, but through the behaviours that take place between us and the therapeutic relationship we are building and developing.

3) I can be raging, agitated, anxious, suicidal but after I am with my pdoc for 5 or 10 minutes I almost always begin to feel calm. It feels magical, but I think it is his calm presence that invites calmness in me. When I am extremely anxious I sometimes try to visualize myself sitting across from him in his office, hoping I can capture some of that energy outside our sessions.

4) It is clear to me that my pdoc loves what he does. Sometimes I sense a childlike joy when we are working together. It's not just when I am feeling better either. It seems to be when we both come upon an idea or a solution that will help me.

5) He accepts the mad, sad, angry, glad, close to hypomanic, irritable, dull, and wide awake me. Basically he accepts me any way I am. Never judges, never seems surprised, or shocked. Always seems to like me however I am. That makes me feel safe to be open and honest about everything I feel and everything I do.


jcat said...

Hey's so cool, isn't it, when you can say such positive things about your pdoc? My list would be similar, but adding that no matter how miserable I am he can always make me laugh. And that he gives the nicest hugs!
Umm, haven't gotten any further with gym than having bought the pants. And you?

Aqua said...

Oh, I am so glad (not glad for you not getting there), just glad I'm not the only one. It seems the harder I try to go, the less likely I am to go. I promised my pdoc I would go either to the gym or swimming...but I have bombed in both depts...I will still keep trying if you do?

jcat said...

Yeah, definitely nice not to be the only one! Just been a crappy, chaotic week. But yes, let's keep trying....sooner or later it has to have a result!

Polar Bear said...

That's great, that you have such a good pdoc. I share the same reasons for looking forward to my therapy.